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It is estimated that there are currently 22,000 youth in Oregon who have at least one parent that is incarcerated. These youth face a great number of challenges, including a very low likelihood of ever obtaining a college degree, and a youth without a degree is virtually guaranteed a life of low earning and poor health, and is at high risk for incarceration. This is why we are here — to increase the likelihood of these youth succeeding!

Agape Families, founded in 2012, provides various programs for an entire family unit. We offer camps for youth specific to their geographic location, youth mentorship and follow-up programs, mentorship and support for individuals transitioning out of prison, inside prison programs for currently incarcerated parents or family members, housing efforts, and more.

Although Agape Families provides a vast array of programs and services to families, one area of Agape Families that continues to grow and expand are our, Agape Youth Programs that focus on youth impacted by incarceration ages 7 to 17.

The Agape Youth Camp is a four day camp experience that provides support, mentoring and a healing environment for youth 7 to 17. We provide camps in Lane, Polk, Marion and Benton County’s and are expanding into Central Oregon. Get to know more about camp by visiting the Agape Youth Programs page

The Agape Youth Mentoring Program matches youth ages 7  to 17 with adult friends who are positive role models that nurture possibilities. Our long-term goal is that youth would create safe and trusted relationships that help youth build positive support systems, leading to a life of sustained, healthy independence lived with meaning and purpose.

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