About Agape Families

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Agape Families seeks to relieve suffering by providing stability and hope to families impacted by incarceration. To learn more about our beginnings check out our History.

When exploring our website you will notice that the majority of our focus is on youth. That’s because youth or children who have a parent in prison experience a multitude of challenges. Including loss and grief, trauma and diminished income, especially if the incarcerated parent was the primary “bread-winner,” lower graduation rates, lower test scores on standardized tests and a decreased ability or likelihood to pursue a college degree, and higher incarceration rates, resulting in poverty and diminished physical health. We want to take part in helping change the outcomes for the 22,000 youth in Oregon who are impacted by incarceration.

We accomplish this through two main outlets: The Agape Youth Camp and The Agape Youth Mentoring Program. A quick snapshot of one of the many purposes of our 4 day camp is to provide hope to these at-risk youth, showing them love and joy. Our mentoring program picks up where camp leaves off to provide these youth with stability through meeting their basic, spiritual and educational needs throughout the year.