Camp Agape

Camp Agape Oregon is a 4 day experience with the purpose of  introducing the healing and hope that can be found through the love God has shown to each of us through his Son, Jesus Christ. Camp is a large effort dependent primarily on volunteers. Here are some ways you can get involved:


The administration team works to organize and communicate with families to meet camper needs before, during and after camp. This team includes our camp nurses, check in team and transportation coordinators. Much of this work is done in the office
during the week prior to camp.

Cabin Leaders

All of our teams work together to provide the support and structure cabin leaders need to build relationships with the kids entrusted to their care at camp. Cabin leaders are assisted by a co-leader. Together they spend every moment of camp with the kids in their
cabin. Specific cabin leader training is provided in addition to the all camp volunteer training. It’s a big job, but the opportunity to earn the trust of these kids and build lasting relationships is priceless.


The program team captures the imagination of kids through entertaining skits, unique and tailored experiences and activities, and engaging crafts that allow the kids to express themselves in response to all they’re absorbing.


The hospitality team has the fun behind the scenes job of prepping all of the items we gift the kids with and then just blessing their socks off all weekend! From prepping and decorating the cabins before the kids arrive, to snack deliveries, housekeeping while the kids are out and helping us hand the camp back better than we found it, this job is full of great rewards. One of our favorite quotes last year was from a camper on returning to clean cabin with fresh cookies and made beds…”God must really love me, look at this cabin!”


Teams of men provide around-the-clock security as well as manual labor when needed. This job is all about the loving eyes that make sure needs are met and staff and kids feel safe. Teams serve on day or night shifts.


The sessions team works together to create a dynamic worship and teaching time for kids aged 7-17 with the goal of proclaiming the gospel in multiple ways.


This team is busy during camp capturing each day’s events through video and photography to create keepsakes and promotional material.

Cooks and Wait Staff

This loving team helps us provide a family style eating experience as they serve healthy balanced meals delivered by our caring wait staff to the tables. We found that meal times ended up being some of the most memorable for many kids, much of that due to the preparation and intentionality of this team.