Agape Youth Camp

AGAPE_DAY_2_51-XLAgape Youth Camp Oregon is a 4 day experience for children in Oregon who have at any time had a parent in prison. Men and women from a diverse group of churches and ministries come together to provide an incredible time for these kids, with the purpose of breaking cycles of incarceration by introducing the healing and hope that can be found through the love God has shown to each of us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Who can attend Agape Youth Camp?

Children aged 7-17 who live in Oregon and currently have a parent in prison are welcome to attend Agape Youth Camp.

Who is responsible for Agape Youth Camp? 

Over 150 volunteers serve in various capacities to make each camp possible. The Camp Agape Board sets camp policy and provides general oversight to the camp director and team leaders. Our camp leadership is anchored by staff and volunteers from University Fellowship Church, but also includes individuals from churches throughout Lane County and the state of Oregon. If you would like more information on volunteering click here.