Agape Youth Camp


Agape Youth Camp is a 4 day, free of charge, trauma-informed summer camp for youth ages 7-17. Our camp is the “flagship” program for our Agape Youth offering wonderful memories while serving as a strategic “on-ramp” to reach our families for additional programs and assistance.  Agape Youth Camp occurs in multiple geographic locations with after camp mentoring to connect youth with positive adult role models and other stabilizing community organizations.

Our campers are introduced to the healing and hope that can be found through breaking down the walls of stigma, providing daily necessities such as sleeping bags, pillows, hygiene items and clothes, as well as introducing youth to loving, caring adult role models. Throughout the 4 days of Agape Youth Camp, campers experience the camaraderie of knowing they are not alone while meeting other youth experiencing similar circumstances. This provides youth a safe opportunity to talk through the hurt and a renewed sense of hope and possibilities for their life. 

The Agape Youth Camp truly acts as the catalyst for youth to get plugged into our year-round mentorship and follow up programs. Having a long term, positive adult role model to learn from, grow with, confide in and receive consistent support from has a considerable impact on the lives of youth in all of our goal areas.

Who can attend Agape Youth Camp?

Youth aged 7-17 who live in Oregon and are impacted by incarceration are welcome to attend Agape Youth Camp.

Who is responsible for Agape Youth Camp? 

Over 200 volunteers serve in various capacities to make each camp possible. The Agape Families Board sets camp policy and provides general oversight to the camp director and team leaders. If you would like more information on volunteering click here.