Follow Up Program

When a family member goes to prison, especially a mother or father, children find themselves in a confusing and scary place. Often the remaining caregiver is overwhelmed with the emotional and financial challenge of raising their child without the incarcerated parent. These families need support and encouragement to get through what can be a long and challenging journey. Agape Youth Follow Up desires to extend God’s love in meaningful ways to as many of these families as possible, but we need your help to accomplish this!
Here are some of the ways you can serve:

Drivers are needed to transport kids to and from Agape Youth events. Anyone who has raised kids knows driving time is a great opportunity to build relationships.

Volunteer Cooks

Cooks prepare the nutritious meals served at many of our gatherings. Delicious food prepared by loving hands reaches hearts!

Program Volunteers

Program volunteers help run activities and serve on day trips and overnight outings. These longer times with the kids provide opportunity to demonstrate loving support on a consistent basis.

Administrative Support

Administrative support is needed to plan, prepare and implement the programs and events of Agape Youth. If you enjoy working “behind the scenes” to get things done, this role is for you!


Mentors are needed to spend time with kids outside the regular Agape Youth events. Sharing positive, healthy time together while giving caregivers a break is a win for everyone involved!

Contact us to get involved!