Mentorship Program

The Agape Youth Mentoring Program matches youth ages 7 to 17 with adult friends who are positive role models that nurture possibilities. Our long-term goal is that youth would create safe and trusted relationships that help youth build positive support systems, leading to a life of sustained, healthy independence lived with meaning and purpose.

We launched a pilot mentoring program two years ago. To date, 50 mentees have been served by 32 mentors. Staff members have worked over the past two years to provide program support to ensure the success of these mentor and mentee relationships.

The Agape Youth Mentoring Program requires our mentors to agree to an average of four hours per month of mentorship meetings and activities all in an effort to ensure the greatest success for our youth.

Although mentors are welcome to connect with their mentees school in order to interact  on school campus during lunch, our desire is to have youth engage in activities outside of the classroom. Because of this our mentoring program provides activities for mentors and youth to engage together outside of school such as family barbecues, sporting events, once a month youth nights, Christmas events, summer programs, and more – All in an effort to ensure the successful development of these youth inside the classroom as well as outside.