Here at Agape Families we understand that it takes an entire community to help provide stability and hope to the families impacted by incarceration across the state of Oregon. It is estimated that that there are currently 22,000 youth in Oregon alone who have at least one parent incarcerated. These youth face a great number of challenges, including a very low likelihood of ever obtaining a college degree, and a youth without a degree is virtually guaranteed a life of low earning and poor health, and is at high risk for incarceration. This is why we are all here — to help increase the likelihood of these youth succeeding!

Thank you for supporting Agape Families through your time, talents, and treasures. There are many businesses within the communities we serve that choose to invest in the lives of youth impacted by incarceration in large ways. If you are interested in becoming a business sponsor please connect with us today!

A Special Thank You To The Following Sponsors:

Apex Recycling & Disposal: Our 2019 Eugene Title Sponsor. They made it possible for our Eugene Adventure Camp to happen through their sponsorship of the facility! We are incredibly grateful for their investment in local youth impacted by incarceration, without this sponsorship we would be unable to provide an excellent camp experience for our youth and families.

Sheppard Wealth: Eugene Excursion Apparel Sponsor. Through their sponsorship we were able to provide t-shirt apparel for all 40 of our campers attending our Eugene Excursion Camp. Through their sponsorship of apparel each youth receives brand new clothes and for many of the youth we serve this will be the only new article of clothing they receive all year.

Martin Capital Partners: Gold Scholarship Sponsor and their generous sponsorship of our camp activities! The investments into camp activities help create amazing opportunities for campers and volunteers to connect on a more one-on-one level leading to long-term, mentorship, and follow-up relationships.